Supplying the fabric for industry

HYT is one of Taiwan's leading technical textile manufacturers with production and distribution facilities located in the heart of Asia.

HYT offers a complete solution - from Research & Development, through to Quality Assessment, HYT undertake the entire production process ensuring quality levels are maintained throughout.

Utilising a wide range of quality yarns including polyester, nylon, HYT are able to develop customised technical textiles in partnership with clients to solve specific requirements.

We have in-house Knitting、dyeing and finishing procedures to ensure efficient and accurate colour matching and conformity to fabric specification.

We certainly believe that 'Quality, Efficiency, Service and Eco Friendly are elements to maintain good quality and optimize customer satisfaction. We induct the advanced technology and scientific management to raise our competition in global markets for utility. Your comments and enquiries are highly appreciated. We are looking forward to co-operate with you for a sound future.
2010 - The Year of Green Energy
Our Mission
To protect the Earth and promote a green environment by conserving energy and reducing the greenhouse effect.
Our Goals
To enhance the image of H.Y.T. by pursuing joint ventures with international companies producing well-known merchandises.
To advance recycling and reproducing technology and develop new products.
To alleviate global warming by conserving energy and reducing carbon emissions.
2009 - The Year of Foundation
Our Mission
To enhance the company’s competitiveness through system integration and maintain a long-term management plan as the foundation.
Our Goals
To enforce the management policies and fulfill the company’s social and economic commitments.
To integrate various business ventures and increase the competitive edge of our products.
To improve our products and enhance customer satisfaction.
To advance product research and development in Taiwan.
2008 - The Year of Improvement
Our Mission
To place the advancement and innovation of the company as our common goal and work together to achieve the objective.
Our Main Goals
To integrate our business operations to dominate the market and meet customer satisfaction.
To hire employees with great qualifications and skills and establish a well-rounded management system.
Our Goals for the Management
To expedite the process of customer feedback by incorporating data systems and employing an organized, thorough management system.
To enhance the work performance of our employees with specialized skills, who in turn contribute to the increase of productions and sales.
Our Goals for the Production
To enhance the efficiency of the production line and manage the personnel effectively.
To develop new products meeting market demands and implement ISO quality assurance
2007 - The New Millennium
Our Mission
To enhance the competitiveness of our company by implementing e-commerce and information management at the turn of the century.
Our Goals
To employ e-commerce and improve techniques of gathering market response.
To reconstruct company organizational flow and enhance its competitiveness.
To promote information management and enhance the efficiency of the organization.
To integrate internal and external resources and maximize the overall effectiveness of the company.
2006 - The Year of Teamwork
Our Mission
To enhance the competitiveness of our company and increase our business revenues through collaborations and teamwork
Our Goals
To improve the quality of our products and increase business profits.
To establish businesses in both Taiwan and Mainland China and enhance the company’s competitiveness in international markets.
To maximize the advantages of the information technology and implement an effective management system.
To work together under a central system and expedite the process of market response.
2005 - The Year of Entering International Arena
Our Mission
To break through barriers and enter the stage of world trade, as well as to commit to the enhancement of quality and departure from piracy.
Our Goals
To implement the information technology and face the challenge of world trade.
To develop research and innovation plans and establish a sound reputation in the global market.
To fulfill our commitment to environmental protection by conserving energy.
To advance the quality of our merchandises to the level of Japanese products by enhancing professional knowledge and skills.
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