HYT strongly believes that aside from creating the conditions for a lucrative business, a company's contribution to the community - including customers, shareholders, employees, society, and the environment - is the real measure of its success. Since its inception HYT has been committed to upholding labor rights and occupational health and safety standards. We ensure that all employees receive a wide range of benefits including health insurance. As to environmental protection, green product design is a top priority at HYT. Complying with the government's rules and regulations. In addition, HYT has strengthened requirements that all internal operations comply with international ISO 9001, ISO 14001 management system standards.

Labor Rights
HYT values and upholds labor rights and human management practices. Aside from following all government laws and regulations, HYT has made it a rule that no employee shall be discriminated based on race, religion, ethnicity, class, language, ideology, political party affiliation, family origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, marital status, facial features, physical traits, or physical or mental disability. This also applies to the hiring process, employee recognition/awards, and promotion.

HYT is attentive to the rights of its employees, offering competitive employee recognition/awards, social insurance, health checkups, art and culture classes, educational assistance, and gender equality. From their basic needs all the way to travel, sports and entertainment, HYT looks after its employees in every way imaginable. HYT has set up a completely open channel of communication where employees can offer suggestions and/or voice complaints, in this way creating a healthy work environment and a truly prosperous business.

Safety, Health and Environmental Policies
In line with our corporate philosophy of ��happiness matters�� we are committed to the pursuit of zero pollution, zero injuries, zero occupational illnesses, zero fire accidents and integrated employee health management. Moreover, we also actively manage and control the factory safeties, operations, the risks of product delivery from factory to customers and set up well security systems to eliminate destructionists from inside or outside organizations or interest groups. At the same time, we have established a secure, healthy and comfortable work environment to enable employees to enjoy their work, while also allowing our employees, customers, shareholders, vendors, suppliers and external stakeholders to create mutually beneficial relationships and work together to protection the environment and reduce occupational and hazardous risks.

Vision for a green future-�uTo Earth with L.O.V.E.�v
Green Living: Taking a page from the Lohas (lifestyles of health and sustainability) movement and its values, we are committed to creating greener living conditions for our employees and surrounding communities.
Green Operations: Working with members of our supply chain, covering product development and design, manufacturing and shipping, we will make continuous environmental performance improvements.
Green Value: Targeting green industries of the future for investment, we will lead the creation of products with high green value.
Green Environment: Caring for the Earth, we will promote ecological sustainability.
Developing good habits with regard to safety, health and environmental awareness
Label: Hazardous items and high-risk areas in domain of responsibility must be clearly indicated.
Order: Safe operating procedures, on-site management discipline and pollution prevention measures must be planned out and executed.
Value: Management procedures must be reviewed to assess performance with regard to hazardous risks, occupational safety, health, and environmental protection.
Education: Education and training must be ongoing and procedures to control hazardous materials and prevent injuries and health-threatening pollution must be fully implemented.
Promoting a safety culture where everyone does their part
HYT requires that everyone, within their domain of responsibility, conduct risk analyses for potential hazards while also implementing measures to improve the operational environment. Everyone is also expected to do their utmost to fulfill their duties and prevent occupational safety incidents. Regarded as part of the HYT family, employees as well as contractors are encouraged to do their part in creating a safe occupational environment.

Meeting the safety, health and environmental commitments
To comply with all government laws concerning environmental protection, safety, and health; prevent the development of unhealthy work conditions; and promote healthy activities to improve the well being of our coworkers and to fulfill our duty to the community at large.
Safety, health and environmental education is imparted to everyone at HYT. Employees and their representatives could participate in the consultation and promotion of occupational and environmental management system.
HYT is devoted to ��Green Future�� to reduce the number of negative environmental impacts caused during the product manufacturing and servicing process.
All employees develop good habits with regard to safety, health and environmental awareness and evaluate to adopt proper risk control technology to effectively reduce the risk of harm to all parties that may be affected.
HYT actively looks for management-related blind spots and finds ways to continually improve through regular inspection and review of safety, sanitation, and environmental management systems. In this way we raise safety levels, improve the quality of the work environment and protect employee health.
Green Product Design
HYT's Green Product Strategy: We will use environment-centered considerations and make sure environmental hazards in our production and products are minimized.

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