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In doing radical team sports over a long period of time, athletes usually will sweat a lot. Thus, high effectiveness of water absorbency, quick dry, and color fastness of fabric are important to avoid color migration in contrast colors matching of garment design. In addition, excellent softness (over abrasion can prevent from uncomfortableness), UV cut, and water repellence are also essential for team sports.
Lightweight, water absorbing, quick dry, abrasion resistance, and warmth keeping are the most crucial features when choosing cycling clothing. In addition, having added functions of water- and shower-repellence make you completely enjoy cycling in the outdoor.
Stretch, water absorbing, sweat-removing, and comfort are the most important features when choosing clothing for running sports.
Yoga sports usually concentrate on extensibility, relaxing body and muscles by different kinds of pulling practices. It brings a large number of fresh oxygen to blood which circulate every parts of body to achieve effect of massage and exercise. So it is very popular to workingwomen. In clothing choosing, stretch, water absorbing and sweat-removing are crucial features.
Functions like water absorbing, sweat-removing, and stretch are important for gym clothing.
Clothing with functions of water absorbing, soft feel and coolness is most suitable for golf.
It requires a high extensibility of body when doing climbing activities in the outdoor. Garment with high stretch, abrasion resistance, and excellent softness bringing more comfort to skin when touch with fabric is the first consideration. Also warmth keeping, water absorbing, and sweat shifting are important. Functions of water resistance and moisture vapor permeability can be added depending on the altitude of the mountain, to provide extreme protection of water- and wind-proof and breathablity to the wearer.
Combining function and fashion, HYT introduces a series of fabrics for team sports.
1. High Color Fastness allows contrasts of deep and light and dark colors, allowing clothes to changeable bright colors. Dark colored fabrics can be directly washed without color migration.
2. Water Sports Surfing /Sunny Sports absorbs moisture and is sweat conductive, making it suitable for making sports jerseys and shorts; anti-UV fabric allows the wearer to relax even on hot sunny days. Other fabrics suited to team sports are.
3. Nylon Cottony creates an artificial natural cotton feel, ensuring the material is soft and comfortable on the skin. The surface of the fabric also has a texture that makes it eminently suited in the production of clothing for to such outdoor activities as golf etc.
4. Ultra Light Weight is the lightest functional fabric currently available on the market. Other than being exceptionally light it also has a refined texture, weighing less than 40g per m2. The thin-fiber and dense structure makes coating unnecessary. It is wind resistant, drizzle proof, extremely water repellant, moisture permeable but also remains soft and comfortable to the touch. Being extremely light and thin, the fabric can be pressed into pocket sizes, convenient for carrying things and suitable for long journeys, hiking, mountain climbing and the manufacture of light coats, and jackets for outdoor activities.
5. QSR has quick dry and soil release functions with good hand feel, comfortable touch, breathablity and easy to clean properties. Because of its hydrophilic property, the soil absorbed on the fabric surface can be removed easily after home laundry washing.
6. Active Sports Stretch is exceptionally stretchy and perfect for clothing worn during particularly strenuous sporting activities.
7. Quick Dry/UV Cut absorbs moisture and is sweat conductive, making it suitable for making sports jerseys and shorts; anti-UV fabric allows the wearer to relax even on hot sunny days.
8. Bamboo Carbon utilizes high polymer mixing technology to spin fibers contained carbon particles. This ensures that the material absorbs moisture, dries quickly and repels water. This also uses the far infrared rays and ion characteristics of Bamboo charcoal fiber to keep the wearer remains warm, promote blood circulation and the elimination of bad smells. After highly mechanical elasticity processing, Bamboo Carbon is highly elastic and has excellent recoverability, a soft and refined texture. It is also a stretchable fabric that is both health and comfortable to wear. Also, the color of bamboo carbon fabric is usually black or grey and dyeability is thus affected. To rectify this, HYT has introduced a white bamboo carbon fabric with rich color changes to allow more flexibility in terms of fabric application.
9. Function Active Sports is highly water repellent and has medium resistance to water pressure and wind. It also has extremely good breathability and is suitable for general outdoor exercise and leisure activities. In the event of drizzle clothes made from this material will repel the rain and even in a downpour, the water pressure effect ensures the wearer will not be soaked. This makes the fabric extremely suited to the manufacture of functional wind resistant jackets.
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