In the beginning, we have established production control center, which comprises R&D center, quality control center and a technical department. We are proud of acquiring the authentication of Adidas, evaluating the dyeing and finishing technique of the textiles. Especially, Pre-conditioning Room.

With the excellent innovative technique, advanced equipments and professional R&D teams. We are reputed high honor in the textile industry.

We have acquired the authentication of EN 471 for its fluorescent cloth and Oeko-Tex 100 environment authentication for its dyes. We strictly abide by the 6S site management and the ERP system management. All form a foundation of our professionalism.

The chemistry lab in H.Y.T's technical center has a complete set of advanced testing equipment including the computerized color detecting and matching systems, tube-free automatic dispensing system, automatic solution formulation system, DATA COLOR spectroscope as well as the color checking light boxes that meet the international criterions. The testing equipments has raised the efficiency and realized the standardization and automation and set a firm base for the quality of the products.

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